the story of content marketing

If you don’t get content marketing after watching this, you never will

NewsBusiness set up 10 years ago to help businesses communicate better.

At the start it was all about email newsletters, then it started to include articles posted on client websites, today it’s about both of these things plus Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and lots of other things.

We always aimed to find the ‘news’ in our customers’ businesses – we were in the news business. And we still are.

The one principle we stuck to was to give people (our clients’ customers and prospects) information they wanted and needed – we always wrote stories, not advertising copy*. The reason for this was that every time we tried a ‘conventional’ advertising approach, it failed dismally! Stories worked.

But explaining what content marketing is and how it fits in and why it is so important in the marketing mix, has always been quite hard.

I love watching documentaries and feel I learn a lot from them. Although I’ve watched a lot of short videos relating to content marketing, this morning I have just watched my first full length documentary about it. If you are in any way responsible for marketing for your business, this documentary is essential viewing. It’s 43 minutes long. That doesn’t matter. Once you’ve watched it, you will get it.

*we also shared this content with industry and mainstream media, who were also interested, and published a fair bit of it


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