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Content Creation

Content is the lifeblood of online marketing… articles, blog posts, email promotions, newsletters, updates, social media posts, free guides, whitepapers, web content, news releases… the list goes on.

Many businesses simply don’t have the time or expertise to get all of this happening on a regular basis.

The NewsBusiness team is here to help. Not only do you have access to a team of skilled and experienced writers, you also have access to technologists who can get all of this to happen online. And on a regular basis. Month in. Month out.




In a nutshell, we…

  • Work with you to determine relevant, suitable content
  • Help you to write this, or we write this for you
  • Set up and run your email marketing and social media marketing
  • Advise on the best strategies to drive people to your website and get sign ups for your emails

This results in…

  • Greater engagement with your clients and prospects
  • Being perceived as the expert or ‘go-to’ business in your field
  • Better rankings on Google
  • Quicker lead times from prospect to client

“Does anyone have any questions for my answers?” Henry Kissinger

Some common questions…

But you don’t know about my industry.
The NewsBusiness team writes for a huge variety of organisations, from kitchenware to medical, from pharmacy to finance and everything in between. Much like the world of journalism, where it’s not the subject matter itself that is the challenge, but the ability to communicate via the written word in a way that can be readily understood by the audience.

What if I don’t like what you’ve written?
At the outset it can take a few drafts to hit the right ‘tone’. The important thing is to remain focused on the reader. If ultimately we can’t get a draft to your satisfaction we’ll refund our fee. No questions.

Can you do copywriting for SEO?
In our opinion there’s no such thing. If you create great content for human beings, Google will love it too. And anything that’s been written purely with SEO in mind tends to be indigestible and largely useless for real humans (in our humble opinion). So we just aim to write great content for people.

Is the pen really mightier than the sword?
We’re with Cardinal Richelieu on this one. Yes.