puzzle tile03Content Sharing

Once you have got some great, useful, informative content it needs to be communicated to your audience – your clients (past and present), your prospects and maybe even the media.







Communications Channels

Common communications channels include…

  • Your website
  • Email – an email update or ‘newsletter’
  • A printed newsletter
  • A news release/press release
  • Social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn

When content is shared across multiple platforms at once, the net effect is a considerable amplification of the message.

A common marketing mistake

With the abundance of ‘free’ communications channels, the temptation is to see these channels as separate from the overall marketing strategy of an organisation. This often results in disjointed ‘social media only’ type communications, which ultimately do not convey the right message.

Instead, a marketing strategy based on the creation of relevant and useful content in the form of articles and longer form writing allows points from these opinion or educational pieces to be extracted and used in a more meaningful engagement on social media. In fact one long piece may result in multiple social media posts illustrating different points from the original item.

How We Work With You

The NewsBusiness team works with clients in two different ways…

Content Provision Only – NewsBusiness creates the required content and provides to client

Content Provision & Management – NewsBusiness creates the content and is responsible for content sharing across different media on behalf of the client (this requires access to client accounts eg website backend, email marketing system, social media accounts)